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Cooking on the stove? Do you struggle to get that perfectly cooked steak? Are you still in that place where one side on the grill is perfectly done while the other…not so much? Here is the perfect solution for your grilling problems. The Pit Barrel Cooker or PBC is a uniquely designed apparatus that will bring equal heat to anything you want to grill.

How Does Pit Barrel Cooker Work?

The first question that anyone would ask about Pit Barrel Cooker would be what is different about this as compared to a traditional grill and the second question would be why should we spend money on this when we already have a grill and a cooker as well?

The answers to these questions can explain why this is a unique product that is a must for everyone who loves to grill. First, unlike the traditional grill where grilling requires a horizontal placement where heat is not distributed properly therefore the grilling is uneven oftentimes, PBC does things differently. PBC is shaped like a barrel where the meat can be hanged inside the barrel cooker. This way the heat circulates and it reaches the whole bit evenly giving meat or any other item in the cooker a taste that gives the best food experience. 

The second element that makes this an extraordinary apparatus is that it allows control of not only the depth but temperature control as well. While barrel cooking is not a unique or even a new method of creating pressure through a barrel cooker, this is the first time that it is being mass-produced in this form. It is not only affordable and easy to use, but it is one of the best apparatus for outdoor cooking as well. 


A plus that PBC offers is the quality of the barrel cooker. It is made out of extremely durable steel with a superior-grade porcelain enamel coating that not only gives it a shine but also protects it from damage even while cooking outdoors. With the variety of accessories that are offered on the website along with the Pit Barrel Cooker, it caters to a wide variety of cooking experts or non-experts for that matter. 

The Pit Barrel Cooker is not only built to endure the heat of charcoal cooking, it’s porcelain allows it to endure extreme weather making it extremely resistant. With the pit barrel cooker dimensions, it is portable for a pit barrel nation that prefers its versatile grilling experiences.

What You Get

This PBC is not just one product. It is a whole package deal. The items you get with this one PBC will give you a whole picture of how this product works:

  • One 30 gallon Steel Drum
  • Two Hanging Rods (Steel)
  • Eight Hooks (Stainless Steel)
  • One Charcoal Basket
  • One Grill Grate
  • One Wooden Hook Remover
  • One Three-point Barrel Stand
  • One 5 oz all-purpose Pit Rub
  • One 5 oz Beef and Game Pit Rub

These are the things that are available as a package deal. For those who are passionate and have an interest in more connoisseur-type accessories, there is a whole section with an extensive list of products that can be ordered along with this. These products include pit grips, custom pit barrel chimney starter, ash pan, custom fit cover designed specifically with pit barrel cooker dimensions, classic pit barrel smoker, and a lot more. If purchased in pit barrel cooker sale these come in great deals with pit barrel cooker discounts

Customer Reviews

When purchasing anything online we look at reviews on the said product before moving forward with our orders. With the Pit Barrel Cooker, there hasn’t been one person who used it and didn’t give it rave reviews. The owner Noah and his wife Amber moved forward with the company only when they were sure this is a great product. From novice to industry experts, from home buddies to adventurers, this is a product for everyone and every occasion. 

The testimonials below on PBC give a much better picture than can be explained.  

Where to Get the Coupons

To avail of amazing deals and discounts, the best option is to go on the internet. The website itself offers pit barrel junior for sale, pit barrel cooker discount, and pit barrel cooker sale. Other than that pit barrel cooker military discount is a whole different category that allows


“The Pit Barrel® Cooker is amazing because it is not just a grill or a smoker… it is truly in a category of its own. The Pit Barrel®’s design produces quality, tender meat every time.”


“I am, by no means, a barbeque expert. I got my PBC on Thursday and cooked a 10 lb. Brisket on Saturday using your video instructions. That may very well have been the best-tasting meat I have eaten yet! The PBC is so easy to use, I cannot get over my enthusiasm for it … you all have created a masterpiece !!”


“I’ve only had the cooker for a week now, but it is amazing! I’ve made burgers, stakes, chicken, and grilled veggies. All came out simply amazing. The chicken was fall off the bone perfectly. The burgers were juicy and full of flavor. Can’t say enough about how happy I am with your product. It’s nice to buy something that works for a change!”


 special deals to military officials. 

As a final verdict, we find this an amazing product that is worth a try. For those who are experts, this would be a great addition to their cooking utensils and for those who are novices, this could be a great way of starting with simple basic grilling options. 

One of the best parts is that the website of PBC itself gives a whole list of instructions that guides on how to go about using the PBC. This, along with the free delivery service, shows that customers are the foremost concern for the company. 

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