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Why Personalabs?

Personalabs is acknowledged as a pioneer of direct-to-consumer lab testing among its peers. For more than 200 tests out of 400 available, individuals can choose the relevant one from a large list of health conditions. Personalabs allows people to have a healthy lifestyle with the low cost and ease of access.

Convenience at Your Fingertips

Nowadays, you no longer have to book an appointment and wait for several days until your test results spring out. Personalabs lets you order the desired tests quickly from home and in a surge of privacy you can securely view the detailed results in a few days.

Streamlined Telemedicine Integration

Personalabs successfully bridges the gap between you and medical practitioners by providing instant access to telemedicine services. With these services, you will have the ability to conduct a remote consultation with healthcare professionals to get advice on your test results and recommendations for your individual wellness plan.

Exploring Personalabs Services

We will discuss in this section the Personalabs diversified services, essential and applicable to different individuals and their health problems.

Comprehensive Wellness Checks

Concentrate on your well-being by means of Personalabs' tests which measure the level and the status of your overall health. These will also help in spotting the areas which necessitate further attention.

Prioritize Prevention with Health Tests

Repeated health checks consistently play the part of an upcoming potential health problem identification that grants you the opportunity to apply the technique of prompt response and prevention. Clinums, from cholesterol screenings to vitamin D levels, Personalabs will offer you more variety of tests to pick the ones to monitor your health.

Specialized Testing for Allergies

If you’ve got allergies, we offer specific tests to identify particular allergens and to personalize your management plan for the alleviation of symptoms.

Accurate Allergy Profiles

PersonalAbs tests food items using sophisticated analyzers to determine allergens precisely, therefore, enabling you to make sound decisions about your eating habits and way of life in general.

Telemedicine Consultations for Diabetes Management

Is it your blood sugar? Personalabs' telemedicine consultations will help ease the task of managing your diabetes as you can communicate with healthcare providers for regular communication and guidance.

Holistic Approach to Diabetes Care

Personalabs has a non-specific approach to the management of diabetes, which consists of monitoring blood sugar levels, also taking lifestyle changes and comorbidities into account in order to achieve optimum health.

STD Testing for Peace of Mind

STDs are very often transmissible and quite dangerous when left unchecked. We give private STD testing services provided by Personalabs to make you get your sexual health top secret without your time and effort by visiting a clinic.

Confidential and Convenient Testing

Personalabs provides a safe and convenient way to have STD tests done, covering a set of the most common STDs with the option to test for many others. Their tests give the results quickly and are very reliable.

Vitamin D Assessment for Bone Health

Maximizing the amount of vitamin D that you take is compulsory for the prominence of the skeleton and a general good state of health. Personalabs provides testing for the mulitivitamin D for the level measurement and replacement when it`s needed.

The Role of Vitamin D in Health

Vitamin D performs a range of functions for the body, including functions like calcium absorption, the immune system, and the emotional state. Personalabs' testing services help you to make sure that your body is taking enough MiN to avoid possible adverse effects on health.

Celiac Disease Screening for Gluten Sensitivity

Testing for individuals with gluten sensitivity or celiac disease is also offered by Personalabs to assist in the process of diagnosis and food management.

Detecting Gluten Sensitivity

Health off-shoots of untreated Celiac disease can absolutely be damaging to the individual over the long run. Personalabs celiac screening tests are reliable and offer a personalized sensibility against gluten. The tests enable an individual to make better nutrition decisions.

Heart Disease Risk Assessment

The constantly high mortality rate due to cardiovascular illnesses still is the highest among all the diseases in the world. With comprehensive blood tests, Personalabs creates an individual assessment of your heart disease risk factors and designs actionable preventive plans to help you reduce your risk.

Early Detection Saves Lives

Early detection of risk factors for heart disease allows the undertaking of timely countermeasures and preventive measures in order to avoid cardiovascular diseases. The personal health tests that the Mycare team offers are the key to the strategy of preventive health care.

Personalized Health Care Solutions

At Personalabs, the focus is on personalized health care and this is sweeping with their mission to improve health. Personalabs uses tailor-made testing panels that are offered through telehealth, or telemedicine, to provide the much-needed personalized solutions to ensure professional healthcare.

Empowering Individuals with Knowledge

As such, through inculcating information on health and providing personalized tips, Personalabs enables individuals to be more self-reliant as they go ahead with better health outcomes.

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