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The new Gyroor hoverboard limited edition collection is catching fire! Embrace yourself for complete freedom of movement, loads of fun, and a thrilling experience with every charge. Ranging from sizes 10” to 6.5” inches these electric skateboards are gaining copious attention from celebrities and the public alike. The new Gyroor stands above its competitors as the smartest, safest, and most advanced self-balancing scooter on the market with its sleek body made of 90% aluminum, non-slip foot, gripping motherboard, large shock absorbent solid rubber tires to conquer obstacles, and multicolored, changeable, back, and front LED lights.

Self Balancing, 2-Wheel, Smart Electric Scooter

Gyroor’s hoverboards are truly the buzz of the moment as they can be used both indoors and outdoors. With its off-road all-terrain ability, you can now enjoy going to the school, mall, parks, or simply cruising around the neighborhood with this travel mate at a speed up to 13 km/hr. Gyroor upholds a repute of having set a new standard internationally for an unprecedented level of safety and function for the self-balancing scooter in the industry with UL2272 Certification and UL2271 safety of the battery.


. This collection is built with 300 dual motors and 20 cell batteries to take you to commute for long-distance travel to ride smoothly for long. With the inbuilt ability to connect your speakers via Bluetooth, you can blast your favorite music or rhymes and enjoy your ride. We also provide our customers with 1 entire year of warranty for the hoverboard and 6 months for battery. In addition, you can control your board by the Gyroor app visa in your smartphone to adjust Self Balancing Switch, LED colors, Adult or Child mode, Anti-Theft Alarm, riding speed, music by Bluetooth, and check your riding track, etc. Join your friends and buy the trendiest and hottest toy for ages 6 and above. Gyroor’s affordable, portable, high-tech electric, anti-fire shell protective, and UL-certified hoverboards can be the perfect present for any event for your loved ones so don’t miss out on the amazing opportunity of free shipping. For queries or problems feel free to contact us as our goal is your satisfaction. Enjoy riding!

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